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Air superiority blue

Alizarin crimson

Amaranth purple

Auro Metal Saurus

Beau blue / Pale aqua

Bittersweet shimmer

Black chocolate

Blue-gray / Livid

Boston University Red

Bright Dark green

Bright navy blue

Bright Red-orange

Bright Red-violet

Bright turquoise

British racing green

Brunswick green

Bulgarian rose

Burgundy / Oxblood

Cal Poly Pomona green

Candy apple red

Caribbean green

Castleton green

Charleston green

Chartreuse green

Chartreuse yellow

Cherry blossom pink

Cinnabar / Vermilion

Dark Blue-green

Dark Blue-violet

Dark candy apple red

Dark cornflower blue

Dark electric blue

Dark jungle green

Dark midnight blue

Dark moss green

Dark Olive Drab

Dark olive green

Dark Outer space

Dark pastel green

Dark pastel purple

Dark pastel red

Dark Royal blue

Dark slate blue

Dark slate gray

Dark spring green

Dark terra cotta

Dark Yellow Orange

Dark Yellow-green

Dartmouth green

Deep carmine pink

Deep carrot orange

Deep jungle green

Deep Space Sparkle

Electric crimson

Electric green

Electric indigo

Electric lavender

Electric purple

Electric violet

Emerald / Paris Green

English vermillion

Fashion fuchsia

Fire engine red

Fluorescent blue

French lilac / Pomp and Power

French raspberry

Generic viridian

Golden gate bridge

Granny Smith apple

Harvard crimson

Heliotrope gray / Rose quartz

Illuminating emerald

International Klein Blue

International orange

Japanese carmine

Japanese violet

Jasmine / Mellow yellow

Light Blue-violet

Light carmine pink

Light cornflower blue

Light Forest green

Light French beige

Light fuchsia pink

Light goldenrod yellow

Light Green-blue

Light Green-yellow

Light lemon yellow

Light Orange-yellow

Light pastel purple

Light Royal blue

Light salmon pink

Light Violet-blue

Light Yellow-green

Liseran purple / Thulian pink

Macaroni and Cheese

Mauve taupe / Raspberry glace

Maximum blue green

Maximum blue purple

Maximum green yellow

Maximum red purple

Maximum yellow red

Medium aquamarine

Medium candy apple red

Medium electric blue

Medium jungle green

Medium lavender magenta

Medium red violet

Medium sea green

Medium slate blue

Medium spring bud

Medium spring green

Medium teal blue

Medium turquoise

Medium violet-red

Metallic Seaweed

Metallic Sunburst

Middle blue green

Middle blue purple

Middle green yellow

Middle red purple

Middle yellow red

Moss green/ Turtle green

North Texas Green

Ocean Boat Blue

Old silver / Battleship grey

Outrageous Orange

Pakistan green

Palatinate blue

Palatinate purple

Pale cornflower blue

Pale robin egg blue

Paolo Veronese green

Permanent Geranium Lake

Persian plum / Prune

Pictorial carmine

Portland Orange

Princeton orange

Psychedelic purple / Phlox

Purple mountain majesty

Purple Mountain's Majesty

Quinacridone magenta

Raspberry rose / Irresistible

Razzle dazzle rose

Resolution blue

Rich electric blue

Robin's Egg Blue

Sacramento State green

Satin sheen gold

School bus yellow

Selective yellow

Sizzling Sunrise

Spanish carmine

Spanish viridian

Spiro Disco Ball

St. Patrick's blue

Star command blue

Titanium yellow

Tropical rainforest

Twilight lavender

Ultramarine blue

United Nations blue

University of California Gold

UP Forest green

Wintergreen Dream