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Xampp Tutorial

How to install XAMPP web server - Xampp latest version 7.4.7 / PHP 7.4.7 In Windows 7/8/10
How to Create Database & Table in PhpMyAdmin using XAMPP - Database & Table Creation in Mysql
How to Run First Program in Xampp - First HTML and PHP program in localhost
How to Install WordPress in Xampp within 5 Minutes - Easy way to install to WordPress
How to insert data directly into the database using PhpMyAdmin - Insert details without any Queries

PHP Tutorial

First Hello World Program in PHP with&without HTML - PHP beginners - Complete WebDevelopment Course
Difference between Echo and Print Statement in PHP with Example Program
Use of comment line in PHP and how to use it - Comment Line PHP- Complete Web Development Course
How to Calculate String Length in PHP - Complete Web Development Course
How to Count Words in a String in PHP - Complete Web Development Course

Android Tutorial

How to install Android Studio - latest version | Android Developers
How to Create AVD Android Virtual Device in android studio | Android Developers
Dark Theme and Light Theme in Android Studio - Latest Version - Android Devs - Quick 1 Min Video
How to Run First Android Program in Android Studio - Run First Android App - Latest Version
How to Convert Website to An Android App using Android Studio - Latest - Website to App Conversion
How to Run Android Emulator Directly in Android Studio 4.1.0 | New Features in Android Studio
How to Create New Android App Activity in Android Studio 4.1.0 | Android Studio
How to Move From One Activity to Another Activity in Android App using Android Studio

Html Tutorial

Html Elements, Tags and Attributes - Simple Program - 2021 - HTML Programs
How to Insert Image in Html Program - Html Img Tag - Image with Hyper link HTML Images - 2021